A History of the Binterloc
Biography of Hugasbinkarta, as translated by his friend Leatherfoot Hobbenfiel in the year 5104

  My name is Leatherfoot and I have taken it upon myself to spend many hours with a newcomer to these lands.  His name is Hugasbinkarta which in Binterlocan, his language, means:  Son of a giantman warrior.  After spending countless hours unraveling the Binterlocan tongue, I am proud to present, at Hugasbinkarta's request, his history of his people for your perusal.


Long ago there was a great battle in which giantmen of all the Highmen clans were present.  But three main clans took the forefront and gained great prestige and renown for their involvement in the battle.  

These three were:
The T'Kirem Bear Clan, 
The Grishnel Wolf Clan and 
The Wsalamir Arctic Clan.  

  The battle was known as Maelshyve.  During the battle the Bear Clan took center stage with a head-on assault of the opposing forces, which is their way.  The Wolf Clan flanked the Bear Clan using their archers to send volley after volley of arrows against their enemy. 

  The Arctic Clan defended and attacked wherever the other Highmen forces grew weak or the fighting was most fierce.  All the Clans Regiments lost many brave warriors at the Battle of Maelshyve, but in the end the battle was won. But in the winning, forbidden magic was unleashed against the enemy by an elven clan known as Faendryl.  Foul magic saturated the battlefield and many that would not have naturally died of wounds did die slow lingering deaths.  But that, as they say, is another story.

  The Clan most adversely affected by losses in the battle was the Wsalamir Arctic Clan which left the battlefield with only three survivors.  Those three valiant warriors were: Eahnimaki, Kantoran and Mishka.  Each of these warriors would go on to greatness and one day rule a clan themselves.

   Eahnimaki would become a great leader of the Wsalamir Arctic Clan.

Kantoran was consumed with bloodlust and eventually was banished to the Southern Wastes.  There he stayed until his violent urges left him.  During this exile he came upon other Highmen warriors similarly afflicted.  Each of them having a personal understandin of the others' pain, they were able to work through the violence and gain healing.  Together they came to understand that the rage they had inside was in direct relationship to the terrible things they had experienced on the battlefield at Maelshyve.  This understanding bound them together in ways that others who had not seen the evils of war could never fathom.  Eventually, these giantmen banded together and a new clan was born, The Grot'karesh Clan.

  Mishka, the giantwoman warrior, had suffered an injury of the leg that refused to heal as if possessed of some great evil.  The wound festered and rotted and caused immense pain for the lady.  It is not known whether it was the pain or the poisons released into her body that drove her insane.  But insane she did become.  Nothing the Highmen healers did helped poor Mishka.  One day Mishka simply picked up her belongings and wandered north into the Dragonspine Mountains.

  This is where many a history ends in the telling of Mishka, but this is only the beginning.  For Mihska wandered many days in her madness, stumbling down long forgotten paths, falling now and again into crevices and ravines, sometimes having to climb out, other times finding holes or tunnels large enough for a giantess to crawl through.  Mishka discovered  great caverns filled with mushrooms and lichen with both pleasing and foul tastes.  Her mind unstable as it was, she would eat of almost anything she found and, strange as it may seem, she found that some of the most foul tasteing mushrooms brought her visions that she learned to interpret.  It was through interpreting these visions that she regained her sanity.

  Many months passed and though her leg did not heal it did not grow worse.  Eventually she emerged from the bowels of the mountain and again wandered in the warmth of the sun.  Higher and higher she climbed until she came upon a white crystal fortress gleaming like a cap of virgin snow upon a mountain's crown.  She hesitated a moment, gazing at the structure, 
wondering what manner of creature may have built such an impressive structure.  At last she decided that only by going within would she learn the answers she sought.

  Mishka found what appeared to be a gate and, with a gentle push, opened it enough to allow entrance.  She slowly entered and gazed at her surroundings, when from a distance she heard what she perceived to be a low voice beckoning her onward. Mishka began to walk forward when suddenly her wounded leg gave way and she began to fall.  Mishka never hit the ground, instead she was lifted into the arms of a huge creature which appeared to be half giantman and half wendigo.  The creature smiled down upon her pained face just as she passed out.

  When she awoke a group of ten of these creatures was gathered around her in a great circle.  They were holding hands and had their heads tilted back.  She could see their throats throbbing and could hear a strange undulating howl that seemed to echo back from all directions.  It was then that Mishka noticed a gentle fog flow into the area that caressed her like the loving hands of her long dead mother once did.  She gazed into the fog but could only make out slight shapes moving to and fro.  

  Suddenly there was an intense pain in her leg and she let out a great howl which seemed to blend and merge with the ones still echoing about.  Then there was silence.  The fog which had so quickly arrived lifted and Mishka could again see the ring of creatures, but this time they were all smiling at her as if very pleased with themselves.  The one that had caught her in her fall approached and, taking her hand, pulled her to her feet.  It was then that she noticed that her leg was completely healed.

  She was later to learn that these creatures called themselves the Geroona-Qis and lived a solitary life here in the high mountains.  They raised herbs and vegetables in subterranean vaults that were heated by warm moist breezes that rose through tiny cracks in the walls.  They got their water by simply shoveling snow into ravines that lead to these warm vaults.  And an occasional family actually raised white furry beasts they call snow rats which they butchered and made into a wonderful stew.

  To Mishka's surprise there were other giantmen and women living amongst the Geroona-Qis.  Some were descendants of giantmen banished from their kegritshas and were presumed dead.  Others were Highmen that had been hunting in the high mountains and had been nearly killed by an avalanche many years before.  All were saved from death by the Geroona-Qis and 
all believed themselves better off for their experience.

  Mishka also found that these Geroona-Qis did not speak in the normal sense, but instead howled and whined in a strange sort of singing.  What made it strange was that even though all she heard were these strange noises, she somehow knew exactly what was being said.  Geroonar, the Geroona-Qi that had caught her when she fell, became her mentor.  He told the secret histories of the Geroona-Qi and taught her to call forth the fog.  Mishka told of the great battle of Maelshyve, of the different Clans and how she came to be wounded.  She told of the caves she had found filled with mushrooms and the visions that had saved her sanity.  One of her visions seemed most prophetic now.  She had seen Geroonar lifting her in his arms and embracing her and remembered feeling warm and safe.  But at the time, her vision simply confused her.

  When elders of the Geroona-Qis learned that Geroonar had betrayed their secrets, they debated what to do.  As they saw there was only one option, destroy the giantwoman, even though this was against their belief structure.  But when they attempted to carry out their plan Geroonar intervened and stopped them.  He suggested another possibility.  He suggested that he and Mishka be banished from the Geroona-Qis and promise never to go back to Mishka's world.  And so it was that Geroonar and Mishka left the crystal fortress and set out into the world.  However, they did not leave alone.  Many of the giantmen and giantwomen as well as one other of the Geroonar-Qis left with them, having found life to restrictive in the village..

  Many generations have passed since the time of the leaving, as it is called.  And in that time none of our tribe has left the mountain of the shrooms.  Now I, Hugasbinkarta, have been sent by the elders of my tribe to explore these distant lands.

  One day Hugasbinkarta will return to my tribe (The Binterloc), my kegritsha and the vision quest.  Until then I shall study, learn and grow rich in the knowledge of the world at large.

The End

A Binterlocan Dictionary

Aelotoi Arkanili slenk
Afternoon Ada
Air Aire
Alcohol Batinkqradmak
Amulet Tinker
Archer Bower
Arm/hand/fingers Hugas Gleft/ Medigleft/ Lilgleft
Around Darund
Aunt Geroonapritivik (paternal)
Aunt geroonapritivik-pritivikkin (maternal)
Aunt Unt (familiar)
Avalanche Hugasrocfal
Bad Maltep (taste, smell, etc)
Bad Na goot (behavior)
Bard Binterlocar
Barrel Barkle
Battlefield Dadle de hugasbink
Beautiful Mei
Because Cuz
Bed Hugasmloftnep
Being Es’ka
Bench/chair Mloftnep
Bird Arkani
Bound Bount
Brain Qradtinkbamma
Brave Ying
Breast Taat
Burghal Gnome Dlanom
But Bu
Butt Dilp
Cast magic Blast
Cave Rochole
Chest (body part) Aire barkle
Clean Na Gobbish
Clean/cleaning Tamaak Na Gobbish
Cleric Arkatibentar
Coin/coins Chink
Country/land Guo
Cover Cap
Cradle or Rest Nep
Crazy Qradsnarttep
Critters – big Hugas-phet
Crown Qradsnarttopen
Cute Gleftbrinny (animals)
Dark Elf Rundit
Daughter Fa (familiar)
Daughter Geroonarundpritivik (polite)
Day Ara
Deed Arkatagat
Depend Commena
Did Bammat
Different Batlont
Disappear Poof
Do Bamma
Doll Mata
Down Bloth
Drink Qradmak
Dwarf Strottin
Ear Sundgraber
Ears Sundgrabber
East Easd
Elf Slenk
Empathy Deouchar
End/finish Feni
Enemy Binksnetpal
Erithian Eritik
Eye Eye
Fame Qradfarb
Famous, to become Qradfarbt
Father Geroonanittzle (Polite)
Father Pa (familiar)
Find Eye Arkota
Fog Finterfall
Food Barklemak
For Por
Forrest Gnome Treenom
Foul (very bad) Hugasmaltep
Friend Pal
Gem Meiroc
Giantman Hugas
Gift Gat
Give Gatpoc
Go Ga
Goblin Gob
God Arkati
Good Goot
Goodbye Daba ga
Grab Grab
Grandfather Hugasgeroonanittzle-pritivikkin (maternal)
Grandfather Hugasgeroonanizzle (paternal)
Grandfather Hugaspa (familiar)
Grandmother Hugasgeroonapritivik (paternal)
Grandmother Hugasgeroonapritivik-pritivikkin (maternal)
Grandmother Hugasma (familiar)
Great/legendary Hugasgoot
Hair/pelt/skin Qradsnart
Half Elf Rundt slenk
Half Krolvin Rundt krolf
Half Sylvan Rundt strenk
Half Rundt
Halfling Rund
Hate Binksnet
Head Qrad
Heal Deouchdt
Hello Daba
Helping/to help Tachun
Her Prit’ka
Here Ana
Him Nitz’ka
Hit/strike Pow
Hole/opening Hole
House Houz
Human Medas
I/me/myself Wo
Insane No qradmatt
Interpret Lern
Is/to be Es
It Arkota
Jump Pep
Kiss Tosh drut
Kobol Kbol
Lady (female) Pritivik
Leaf Treecap
Leaper Bounterphet
Learn Lernt
Leg/foot/toes Mloft
Life Arkata
Like Li
Lip (lower) Toshbuc
Lip (upper) Toshnot
Lip Tosh
Lord (male) Nittzle
Love Geroon
Magic Cazi
Magnificent Mafestak
Make/build/create Drakinpo
Meet Drut
Middle Zhong
Mine Wo tanni (imperative)
Mine/your Tanni/tannigat
Mistake/error Errr
Monk Gleftbinkar
Moon Lun
Mother Geroonapritivik
Mother Ma (familiar)
Mountain Hugasroc
Mouth Bindle drakinpo
Move Poc
Murder/kill/hunt Bink
Music Terlocin
Neck Qradnep
Night Nocta
Normal Dakamat
North Norte
Nose Snits
Of De
Orc Ork
Other Utmar
Paladin Gootenbinkar
People Falk
Pet Gleftpal
Place Dadle
Play (stage event) Goottosh drakinpo
Play (to have fun) Pritilgak
Prey Phet
Ranger Treebie
River Arkatimak
Roar/act fierce Bindle
Rock Roc
Rogue Chinkar
Rolton Rolphet
Rub/touch Gleftroc
Same Tlont
Sane Qradmatt
Sanity Qradmatten
Savant Qradtinkar
Scroll Kathrum
Sexy/shapely Brinny
Sing Terlocin
Smile Goottosh
Snow Sloosh
Snowing Slooshfal
Son Geroonarundnittzle (Polite)
Son Ta (familiar)
Son (of) Ta (added to end of a name)
Sorcerer Megasblastar
Sound Sundgrabbergat
South Na norte
Spellcasters Caziblasters
Spouse Qradsnartbenter
Star Noctaspark
Stomach Mak barkle
Success Ga Chink
Sun Sol
Sunrise Solup
Sunset Solfal
Sustain Mak
Sylvan Strenk
Talk Talc
Thank Xixi
That Nikaka
The Aponika
There Ama
These Artokas’ka
Think Tink
This Artoka’ka
Those Utmar’ka
Thought Qradsnartmaak
Took/take/steal Gloob
Torso Gotbarrel
Total/all Todo
Treasure box Meirochinknep
Tree Tree
Tribe (my) Binterloc
Tribe Tibula
Troll Trol
Uncle Geroonanittzlekin (Paternal)
Uncle Geroonanizzlekin-pritivikkin (Maternal)
Uncle Unk (familiar)
Undead Bintermaken
Understood Unterstan
Up Up
Voice Sund maaken
Walk Mloftpoc
Warrior Binkar
Was Est
Water Arkatamak
Weapon Binku
West Wesd
Wheelbarrow Nnod
With Wit
Wizard Nittzleblastar
Worm Skwis
Wound Ouchar
Wound/to wound Ouchdt
You Ni
Yours Ni tanni (imperative)

COUNTING SYSTEM - Seldom spoken - Hugasbinkarta generally shows his fingers to display numbers.

1 Qa
2 Qe
3 Qi
4 Qo
5 Qu
6 Qy
7 Qa e qa
8 Qa e qe
9 Qa e qi
10 Qa e qo
11 Qa e qu
12 Qeka qy
13 Qeka qy e qa
14 Qeka qy e qe
15 Qeka qy e qi
16 Qeka qy e qo
17 Qeka qy e qu
18 Qika qy
19 Qika qy e qa
20 Qika qy e qe
21 Qika qy e qi
22 Qika qy e qo
23 Qika qy e qu
24 Qoka qy
25 Qoka qy e qa
26 Qoka qy e qe
27 Qoka qy e qi
28 Qoka qy e qo
29 Qoka qy e qu
30 Quka qy

36 Qyka qy
42 Qyke qy
48 Qyki qy
54 Qyko qy
60 Qyku qy
66 Qyky qy
72 Qyky qy
78 Qyky qy

100’s Hugas qy’s
1000’s Baba Hugas qy’s

All other words are combinations of these terms.