The Grand Ta'Illistim Embassy of the House of the Argent Aspis
In the month of Lormesta of 5113, the House of the Argent Aspis opened the gates of its first annex in the Seethe Naedal region of Ta'Illistim.  A home-away-from-home, the Embassy embodies the spirit of the House in many ways, from the grand hall complete with a stage, to the cozy bedroom suite for members away from Landing.  

The embassy is guarded by the stalwart Gimar Ironbeard, a noble dwarf who shared his story with our own member, Vhar Wulfstryke, to be recorded here in the annals of the Argent Aspis...

Ironbeard Guard

His name is Gimar Ironbeard, as a boy he was always in trouble picking fights and promptly settling them with his unnaturally hard head. As he grew of age he took on as a guard, in the mines as the elders believed his rather unique talents for both taking and giving beatings would come in handy. Indeed Gimar's reputation became fiercely known. Goblins and orcs began to fear the name of Ironbeard. 

One of the expeditions neared too close to powerful orc clan however and the leader a particularly crafty orc by the name of Rek The Greyaxe led his warband of two hundred orcs and assorted goblin slaves in a brazen raid on the dwarves. Gimar and the other fought fiercely hammer ringing against sword, claws against flesh, the diamonds were left as rubies that night. Gimar Ironbeard the sole survivor though mortally wounded. 

He lay amongst the bodies and blood awaiting his journey to the hallowed halls of his people. He closed his eyes and opened them to a blinding light and smiled to himself he was home at last. A voice spoke to him, a decidedly Non-Dwarven voice. "Look upon me mighty champion!" Gimar raised his head to see the massive form of a man wearing a blue tunic an enormous spear clenched in his hand. "You have done well in glorious battle young dwarf, I charge ye as one of my champions, a Fist of Kai!" The man drew his muscled arm back and launched his fist into Gimar's chest. Gimar winced thinking he meant to be taken to the beyond on the spot. 

When no pain came he opened his eyes to the scene of the battle, again alone. He noticed his wounds healed and fist shaped brand on his chest. The voice of Kai echoed in his mind "You shall leave the dark of the tunnels, and venture to surface where your skill shall serve the great Lords of Liabo."  Not one to look over a gem vein when presented Gimar gathered his spear, gave a prayer for his fallen comrades and set out. Days of wandering with no food, water, or even ale the dwarf stumbled through the unfamiliar environments, fierce battles seemingly every step of the way, until exhaustion had finally set in and he collapsed. 

He woke in a comfortable room, a soft bed his aches and wounds from the trail gone. his old tattered armor replaced with a fine set of mail on a stand at the end of his bed, with a gleaming spear propped beside of it.  An elven maid stepped quietly into the room, "Be at peace you are among friends, we are of the House of the Argent Aspis, it is our duty to help those in need. You are in the elven lands of Ta'Illistim, our newest home, it is as yet not finished" She glanced out the window a concerned look passed over her face. "If the beasts do not tear it down before we can even open our gates." 

Gimar felt the warm presence of Kai as if he placed his hand on his shoulder and knew that the great Lord had guided him home. 'Just pass me that there armor and spear there lass, we'll show these beasties ta fear the Ironbeard."

The Tale of Gimar Ironbeard 
as was told to 
Vhar Wulfstryke