Kelfour Edition Mentions
From Kelfour Edition - Volume 1, No. 10

                         House of the Argent Aspis
                     Reported by Lord Erebor Bordeaux

 _____________                                      HOUSE OF THE
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||-|-|-|| | he House  of  Argent                ARGENT ASPIS
  | ~~ |~| ~~ | Aspis was  conceived         /\  /\               _/\
 _|    |~|    | amidst the flowering        / --/ |         /\  _/    >
/@|    |~|    | blossoms in the Kel-       /       \       /  \/       >
\_/   ~~~~~   / four  Gardens  on  a      /  *      >    /  _/         >
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  warm  autumns's eve.     /    --)   >   / _/           >
Whimsical discussions  of   palaces,    /    /  /   >  /_/         / ^^^ \
mansions  and other exotic buildings  (^^ / /  /    > //          (  __   )
gradually  materialized into what is  (__/_|  /     >//           < (  )  >
soon to become our humble abode.  We         /      >|            < > /   >
spoke  briefly  about  our preferred        /     ^ \_\ _ ^ _     ( \/   /
style   of   governing  and  quickly       (     ^ ^     ^ ^  \    \ \  /
agreed  that  we did not desire some        \   |   \   |    \  \_/ \ \/
bombastic  dictator  forcing his/her         \  \    \  \      \     \_\
will    upon   other   members.    A         _\__\    | _\     |    /  ^^
democratic  form  of 'rulership' was        (      ___(        |___/
chosen; decision by consensus.               \(_(__(   \(_(_(__|
The   most   pressing  task  was  to
solidify   our  aspirations  into  a     (Art by Lady Taarna Wayfinder)
definite plan.  Ilstar Darkedge took
it  upon  himself  to  hire  some of
Kelfour's   finest   architects  and
together they quickly designed plans   The  house has six founding members:
that  promised to be pleasing to the   Delvian   Kel'Bathian,  Taarna  Way-
eye  of  it's founding members.  The   finder,  Jamel Kailli, Caroam Thien-
plans   submitted   to   the   local   son, Ilstar Darkedge and myself.  To
bureaucracy   were  for  a  building   appease  the  local  bureaucracy, we
closely    representing    a   tudor   developed a statement of purpose and
mansion.   The  locality will be the   house   by-laws   and  this  rapidly
garden  of Kelfour, a 'middle class'   quelled  any anxieties that they may
area.  The building itself is large,   have  had.  The purpose of the house
consisting  of  a couple of lounges,   of the Argent Aspis is a simple one.
storeroom,  wine cellar and bar, ten   We   seek   to  assist  and  provide
bedrooms, kitchen, courtyard, etc. A   guidance  to all adventurers who are
quick  estimate  for the cost of the   new  to Kelfours.  Of course we will
building  came  to  1,300,000 silver   be  offering  the  'usual benefits',
pieces, a veritable fortune!           locker space, herbs, wands etc.

From Kelfour Edition - Volume 1, No. 12

              /               __  ___   __  __   __  __   __ \
             |   |\  /| |  | |__) |  | |   |__) |   |__) (__  |
             |   | \/ | |  | | \  |  | |-- | \  |-- | \     ) |
             |   |    | |__| |  \_|__| |__ |  \ |__ |  \ __/  |
              \______                                    ____/
 _____________       | Slaughter Unsuspecting Residents |
/ \ ____  ____\      |__________________________________|
\@| ~|~~\ |~|~ |
  |  |~\~\|~|  |       No One Safe in Kelfour's Landing!
 _|  |~|\~\~|  |
/@| _|~| \~~|_ |obody is safe in our      The  second, more heinous slaying
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~/ town  now.   In  two   reputedly  took  place  in  the dank
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  shocking, apparently   dungeons   of   Castle  Claedesbrim.
unrelated  incidents, innocent resi-   Well-known  mage  Lord Lythe L'Green
dents   of  Kelfour's  Landing  were   reputedly   attacked   substantially
recently struck down and mercilessly   less-powerful  thief  Laeg Cearnach,
murdered in cold-blood.                not  for theft as one might imagine,
                                       but for posting a notice on the tree
   Early  May saw the brutal slaying   in  Town  Square  embracing views to
of  Rune  Arundel,  local  long-time   which   L'Green   was  known  to  be
resident  and  well-known ranger who   opposed.  Witnesses claim Lord Lythe
was   apparently  the  victim  of  a   appeared  calmly in the dungeons and
twisted  plot  which  is still being   slew thief Cearnach without warning,
investigated  by  the  local consta-   dragging  his corpse in a circuitous
bulary.   Ranger  Arundel's  unarmed   route  away from those who would aid
remains  were last seen northwest of   the fallen thief.
the  Temple,  where  she  presumably
fled  from  a  confrontation involv-      L'Green,  who  reportedly cackled
ing,  among  others,  members of the   insanely and openly admitted slaying
House  of  Argent  Aspis.   Reported   Cearnach,  was  challenged  later in
near  the  scene  at  the  time were   the  Temple  by  a group of outraged
Sauren  Tessar,  Jamel Kaili, Miriel   citizens, many of whom he supposedly
Evenstar,  Beolost  Lamontt, Hetchel   threatened  in  return.   This group
Threadbare   and  Taarna  Wayfinder.   then  retired to the Square for some
Riverwind   Entreri   and   Dralanth   sort of duel where a stun cloud cast
I'Mear  (neither  of  whom have been   by  the mad mage killed young ranger
heard  from  since) aided and abbet-   Jazae    Perez,   wounding   others.
ted by Erebor Bordeaux were directly   Vengeance   was   stalking   L'Green
involved, although due to a plethora   shortly thereafter, however, when he
of  supposedly  eye-witness versions   was  ambushed  and slain, apparently
of  what  transpired  and why, along   in    retribution   by   an   unseen
with silence  on the part of  Taarna   assailant. He has been spotted since
(who had bit the dust earlier), this   and  residents  are  warned  to take
foul crime may never be solved.        precautions when encountering him.
  //                                                                  \
 ||  In a late-breaking report, all law-abiding  citizens are advised  |
 ||  that a warrant  has been issued by the  constable for the arrest  |
 ||  of the famous fighter Elvanion Darkholt, reputedly for molesting  |
 ||  the simple-minded  elven receptionist at  the soon-to-open House  |
 ||  of Paupers.  The Editors of Kelfour Edition  are duely horrified  |
 ||  at this spate of violent crimes,  and warn everyone to be on the  |
 ||  look-out for dangers in our  increasingly violent frontier town.  |

From Kelfour Edition - Volume 2, No. 4

                           Party at Argent Aspis
                             by Miriel Evenstar
/ \  ______ \
\@| /~/~~\_\ |tanding  in  the  town   Then,  without  warning,  the  doors
  | \~\____~ | square,  Lady Taarna,   flew  open  and  people  poured  in,
 _| _~~~~\~\ | Piffen and I  fretted   leaving the  poor doorman struggling
/@| \~\__/~/ | that  the first offi-   to keep up with the announcements as
\_/  ~~~~~~ /  cial party  thrown by   the guests  arrived. It  seemed  the
  ~~~~~~~~~~   the House  of  Argent   whole  of   Kelfour's  Landing   was
Aspis would  have no guests, just us   represeted; Lords  and Ladies supped
I nervously kicked the  trunk of the   with the  young while  those of  all
old tree  that Piffen leaned against   professions regaled  each other with
and scuffed  my new  boots.  "I must   tales of their exploits.
head  back to  the  house,"  I  told
them, "The caterers will be arriving   After filling  our plates with food,
soon!"                                 we all  gathered in  the  lounge  to
                                       share the  talents of  some  of  the
Piffen smiled mischievously, "I have   guests. The  bard Amelda  Heronheart
an idea!   I'll go to the temple and   entertained us  with her  songs then
start some rumors about a huge prize   performed love duets with her fiance
we'll be  offering!"  Giggling,  she   Naxxixx.   Inspired by  this show of
waved and darted down the street.      devotion, Kaoti  shared her  wedding
                                       song with  us.  Finally, Inyigo sang
Taarna grabbed my hand and pulled me   a magical  tune that  made  pictures
along with  her, hurrying down South   dance before our eyes.
Ring Road  toward  the  river.    "I
haven't changed my clothes yet!" she   More than  one man  was overcome  by
panted as  we ran across the bridge.   the abundance  of available  drinks.
                                       Artemis began by throwing glasses of
                                       brandy around  the  room,  and  then
The   House   of  Argent  Aspis  was   proceeded to  flirt with the elderly
polished, gleaming and ready to open   Lady Sevla. An attempt at diversion,
its  doors to Kelfour's Landing.  We   we played  a game of silver tag that
arrived  as last minute preparations   became a confusion of people running
were  being  made:   Beolost quietly   around  bumping   into  each  other.
giving  instructions to the doorman,   Finally,   the   halfling   Larkspur
Elvanion   rehearsing   a  group  of   Snowleopard was declared the winner.
strolling  minstrels  in  the  Grand   When asked  how he  managed to avoid
Hall.  The caterers marched into the   being tagged,  he said, "Nobody pays
room   carrying   trays  laden  with   any  attention  to another hobbit at
little   quince  tarts,  skewers  of   the  refreshment table." His resour-
torkaan  steak  and barbequed cocka-   cefulness  was rewarded with a small
trice  legs.   I  quickly  grabbed a   sack containing 5000 coins.
tart and, eating it eagerly, checked
over  the  bar's supply of sparkling   At last  came the entertainment that
silver  champagne,  fine  old brandy   all the  ladies had  been  awaiting!
and  our  private  stock of Erebor's   Gathering in  Lady Taarna's bedroom,
Tipple.    Everything  is  ready,  I   we left  all the  men in  the lounge
thought, but where are the guests?     with  their  drinks except, that is,
                                       Inyigo.  Amelda sat beside the fire-
At that  moment Azia  poked his head   place,   her   musical   instruments
through the  door and  looked at  us   arranged  around her and began play-
questioningly.  "Isn't this a party?   ing a pulsing rhythm while all of us
Where is  everyone?"   The musicians   found  seats  and  tried  to get the
stopped  playing  and  there  was  a   best  view  of  Inyigo's provocative
moment  of   uncomfortable  silence.   dancing.   When he finished (clothed
                                   -11-                             More...
in   little  more  than  the  flower               Letter to the Editor
between  his  teeth)  he  knelt  and   _________   """"""""""""""""""""
offered  the  rose  to Lady Valeria,   / \ _____ \
who stood up with a whoop and hopped   \@| ~|_|~ |n response to  the edito-
on his back.                             |  |~|  | rial  of  Rune  Arundel,
                                        _|  |~|  | KE August, 1991:
=----------------------------------=   /@| _|~|_ |
 OOOoooohhhh Who is this WolfCAKE?!    \_/ ~~~~~ / This   response  is  not
                                         ~~~~~~~~  written for the doves or
              |/_   _\|                the hawks. This is  written for  all
              (|     |)                of you in the  middle of  the  road.
             // ^^^^^\\                Get out of my way!
            / / [~.~] \ \
            \ ) \ = /  / }             Much as I'd like to come out totally
             \ --  |--/  |             against  anything  from  the  pen of
              \ \ v    */              Rune  Arundel,  in  this case I just
              \\._|._/)                can't.   Conflict  is good and in my
               \_   _/                 opinion, a little more of it is just
               |_[.]_|                 what is needed in Kelfour's Landing.
               /\\__//\                Why is it good?  Again, I agree with
              /  ||||  |               Rune,  "It  gets you what you want."
             /   ||||  )               Some of you oppose conflict:
            (  /  ||  /
             \ \   (  (                 I strove with none, for none was
              \ \   \ \                    worth my strife;
               :  -  \ \                Nature I love; and next to
               | /    ; )                  nature, art.
         o    /_/  o /_/    o           I warmed both hands before the
           o      o      o                 fire of life;
                                        It sinks, and I am ready to depart.
            by Hilgavolkas
                                       If you  truly agree with this Walter
=---------------------------------=    Savage Landor  quatrain, I  can  not
= FOR A GOOD TIME...DIAL KEL-FOUR =    fault you. Your forays to cavers and
=---------------------------------=    steelies give you the experience  to
                                       more easily vanquish more cavers and
                                       steelies contents you.
The dance  was documented  by Hilga-
volkas who  managed despite fainting   But it is the so-called peace "keep-
spells to pull out her sketchpad and   ers" that offend me.  Not content to
finish several drawings. Our private   stay out  of the  fray, they feel it
party was  rudely interrupted  by  a   is nessecary  to pipe  up with their
shouting and  banging at  the  door.   puny judgements  about those  of  us
The  men,   headed  by  Beolost  and   who have  convictions worth fighting
Naxxixx,  had   grown  impatient  at   for  --   while  at  the  same  time
being left  on  their  own.  We  all   disclaiming any involvement.  To all
tried hiding,  but Hilga's  constant   of you  I say  get in  or  get  out.
hiccuping gave us away.                There is  no such  thing as  walking
                                       the line.  Sooner or  later you will
By  that  time,  I was exhausted and   have to come down on one side or the
crept   to  my  room  falling  sound   other.  This  is  a  frontier  town,
asleep on my bed, fully clothed with   governed by  laws of survival of the
the  sounds  of the party continuing   fittest. If  you don't  want to find
around me.  I heard later that there   yourself on  the business  end of  a
was  dancing  near  the fountain and   broadsword someday,  tread  silently
more  singing but nothing could have   away from the field of battle.
kept me awake any longer.
                                                         Kaoti Nim

                           The Prying Parsnips
 _____________          by Miss Louvella Parsnips
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||=|=|=|| |his  month our  mail-   contemplating his offer.  Naturally,
  | ~~ |_| ~~ | box was full  of the   we  will  report every sordid detail
 _|    |_|    | scuttlebutt on  some   of  his performance to you, faithful
/@|   _|_|_   | nasty  goings-on  in   reader, in a future column.
\_/__________/  Kelfour's  Landing.
                                       Decency seems to have fled Kelfour's
The  well-publicized  party  at  the   Landing as two mages,  a flinty half
House of Argent Aspis  was merely an   elf fellow  and   a   jazzy fair elf
excuse  for   dubachery,   lewdness,   damsel were  spotted  coming  out of
and  drunken   disorder.    We  were   Threk's Inn, au natural.
horrified to learn  of  the unseemly
events  at  this  supposedly upright   It  appears  they  were  enjoying  a
organization.                          steamy rendezvous,  when   an unlife
                                       uprising put an end  to their torrid
It seems that  during  the course of   affair.  In   the    confusion  that
the evening,  several   of Kelfour's   followed,  a  thief  made  off  with
more impetuous maidens latched them-   their belongings and both  were left
selves in a bedroom to enjoy the un-   without  a  stitch  of  clothing  or
clothed talents of a certain  ranger   other items  and   were subsequently
with a definite Spanish  accent.       thrown out by Threk.
We have learned that this fellow was   The strumpet in question ran home in
attempting to refute our  comment on   unclad  disgrace   while   her  beau
his lack of stamina  in last month's   strutted into the Temple in a vulgar
column by  propositioning   most, if   display of  bad  manners.  A certain
not all,  of  the  ladies present. A   lady  thief  was  heard   to  remark
very betrothed, heronlike  lady bard   "awfully small,  isn't  it?"  at his
took our Spanish lad up on his offer   entrance.
and  enjoyed  a noisy  and prolonged
encounter  in  one  of the bedrooms.   A  rather   strange   situation  has
                                       developed between Kelfour's favorite
Naturally, her betrothed, a half-elf   mad mage and his new wife, a coyote-
thief,  was  nowhere   to  be found,   faced thief of  questionable morals.
having fled to  the wilds in a  vain   Her flagrant  dalliances  forced him
attempt to save face.                  to have  her  swiftly  inducted into
                                       the House of the  Rising Phoenix, in
Later, the trollop confided that our   the   hopes   that she would be safe
ranger was indeed missing  a certain   from Kelfour's  young swains. (Well,
important something, although he did   we  said  he was  mad,  didn't  we?)
possess a bogus sort of charm.         At  which point  he  hurriedly  left
                                       town, and  was last  reported  to be
We, of course,  do   not find him at   visiting Lobo Akrash, a healer  well
all charming, having  ourselves been   known  for treating mental distress,
propositioned by this odious fellow.   and the inventor of a type of treat-
He pleaded  that  we   allow him the   ment which we understand  is  called
opportunity to prove  himself  to us   Lobo Tomy.
behind  the  latched  door   at  the
Raging Threk Inn.                      Until next  month,  gentle   reader,
                                       remember to send gossip, chatter and
We find his manner shocking, and are   rumors to  MISS.SNOOP  (via GE Mail)
highly offended that  he  would even   where it will be eagerly reported.
consider such a  thing.  However, in
the  interests   of research, we are   Happy meddling and tra-la for now!

From Kelfour Edition - Volume 2, No. 12

    Mysterious Threads of Unlife       the  town gates to the tidal pool in
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       the Coastal Cliffs.
     Report by Bleys Airelious
                                       There, we discovered a new series of
Roots  of this tale go back in time.   caves  not  far from the ruined dock
As  you  may  know,  House Aspis has   in the Shore Area, and encountered a
been haunted by the spirit of Cleric   long  forgotten  race  of  sohleugir
Erebor  Bordeaux  since his soul was   lizardmen.  They seem as powerful as
imprisoned  by  the Unlife.  It fell   greater  orcs, and carry tridents as
upon  House Aspis' shoulders to find   they  slink  about  quickly, peering
a  way to free our departed comrade.   with cold, unblinking eyes.
With  the aid of the Lady Taarna and
others,  we  were  able to determine   We  had  yet,  however, to encounter
that   by  making  a  simulacrum  of   the mystery.  At the site of a newly
Erebor it might possible to fool the   formed  crevice we discovered a thin
Unlife into releasing his soul.        thread stretching  up  out of sight!
                                       It  produced an almost ceaseless low
We came together in a ceremony which   humming,  a note both evil and chil-
began  by offering material items to   ling  to  the  soul.   Touching this
attract the Unlife's greed.  Then we   thread  produced  a mysterious voice
gave parts of ourselves so the simu-   that  echoed  deep  within  my mind:
lacrum  could  be  whole, and appear   "The  time  is  not  yet  ripe.   Be
real.  After a time of solemn prayer   patient  and vigilant but meddle not
the  Unlife was indeed fooled -- and   with  things  beyond your ken.  Wait
Erebor's soul was released!            for a sign to come...."
Then,  not  long ago, Erebor's Ghost   Three more threads were found later,
came   back   to  warn  of  terrible   in  the  Graveyard, on Blototh Moun-
danger.   As  we  feared, the Unlife   tain,  and  in  the  domain  of  the
wasn't  fooled  for  long;  it seeks   Fireguards,  apparently representing
revenge on those who tricked it.       the  elements  of  water, earth, air
                                       and  fire.   And  they  are growing!
Erebor's  warnings  became  increas-   When discovered, these black threads
ingly  urgent  and  one night a ter-   were  thin;  later  they grew to the
rible   Essence  Storm  rolled  into   size  of  a  woman's  wrist,  then a
Claedesbrim  Bay.   Some  of us pro-   man's wrist and, at the time of this
tected  the town while others sought   report, are the size of a man's arm!
the source of the storm which filled
the sky with flashes of lightning of   Watch  your  loved  ones, my friend;
all  hues  and the shook the ground.   the battle is far from over.  I know
Essence  users  experienced an over-   not what the future holds but I know
load at one point and, among others,   good  will  triumph  in  the end, no
I  was translocated from a battle at   matter what the cost!

From Kelfour Edition - Volume 3, No. 6

                             Houses of Kulthea
/ \ ____  ____ \             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~| |  | |~ |           by Dartaghan Darkstar
  |  |~|--|~|  |
 _|  |~|--|~|  | ouses  of   Kulthea   fee, the players have to pay for the
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | are   Gemstone  III   construction and furnishing of their
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / player cooperatives   private rooms. Houses may also offer
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ established    under   engraving and loan services.
the auspices of the local government
but organized  and governed  by  the   The first  House  recognized  by the
players. This flexible system allows   local government was  established by
a  House to be  organized as a guild   a group of dedicated roleplayers who
or a  social  club  or  in any other   banded together to oppose the Unlife
manner, as  long  as the setup stays   the  growing influence  of the Grand
within the framework detailed in the   Poobah  over the  adventurers of the
Tomes by the local government.         Landing. Titanic battles were fought
                                       by Lady Wisraith and Lord Riverwind,
Any group of five or more players of   Lord  Lythe,  Lord  Fxg,  and  their
level  five  or  higher  (characters   allies in their  crusade against the
must be  level five  or higher to be   Unlife.  They even  dared to assault
eligible  to   join  a   House)  may   the stronghold of the Unlife itself,
petition the  local government to be   repeatedly  killing the Grand Poobah
accepted into the Cooperative of the   and his underlings.
Houses of Kulthea (CHK).  The CHK is
a loose federation of all the Houses   Finally, the Grand  Poobah called on
of  Kulthea.  It  sets  standards of   dark  powers to  place wards  around
conduct and  administers the  system   his  stronghold, powerful  enough to
of dispute resolution which uses the   withstand  the assaults of the House
tribunal model. The local government   of the  Rising Phoenix.  In a secure
has  appointed Lord Elvanion, to  be   stronghold, the  Unlife strengthened
House  Controller  and  to  have the   its  influence.  The  House  of  the
responsibility for the establishment   Rising Phoenix continued its valiant
and  maintenance  of all the  Houses   battle, but even these intrepid cru-
of Kulthea.                            saders wearied.  Most have  moved on
                                       to far lands, seeking to  escape the
The Houses offer players camaraderie   evil they so abhor.
and  opportunity   for  roleplaying,
along with  a wide range of services   The House of the  Rising Phoenix has
and benefits.  Some Houses have been   not been  the same  nor very  active
established to further professional,   since then, but if you are intrigued
political, and social goals.  Others   by a "House dedicated to  preventing
emphasize camaraderie and  adventur-   the furtherance  of the goals of the
ing, and one  House was  established   Unlife," talk  with Lady  Galauriel,
as a for-profit  social club.          Lord Maruko, or Lord Waldo2. Member-
                                       ship fees  are reasonable, but  only
Probably the most popular feature of   strong  roleplayers  with  untainted
the Houses is expanded storage. Most   souls need apply.
Houses  provide forty - item lockers
for  members.  House  Arcane managed   House of  Argent Aspis was the first
to install sixty-item lockers; rumor   House to be built. It was founded by
has  it  that  Lord  Moonpie  Legend   a group of free spirits, among  them
bribed local officials. The rumor is   Lord Erebor and Lord  Whilder, as an
unsubstantiated, but  the sixty-item   exclusive House that avoids politics
lockers have been confirmed.           and  local  disputes.  Not much  was
                                       known  about this  House  until they
Some Houses also provide for players   began sponsoring a Newcomers  Orien-
to design and  own a  private  room.   tation  Night  where  House  members
Unlike locker facilities, the use of   offer  a  training  tour   to  newly
which is  included in the membership   arrived adventurers.
                                    -1-                             More...
Now the  House of  the Argent  Aspis   House Brigatta  was founded by  Lord
has opened  up a  bit and is seeking   Zinderin, Lady Taarna, and  Sterling
new members.  They are interested in   as a private  House to promote role-
players that  will be active members   playing.  This House is still rather
and are  here  for  the  long  term.   exclusive, but all  applicants  will
Initiation fee  is  20,000  silvers.   be  considered.  While this House is
Talk to Lord Bleys about membership.   small, it does have an earth node, a
                                       bar,  and a doorbell that  announces
House Arcane  was established  by  a   arrivals by name. The initiation fee
group of  close  friends  who sought   is  5000  silvers, no monthly  dues.
a  private  sanctuary  in  which  to   Dedicated roleplayers should get  in
recoup after stimulating quests  and   touch with Lord Zinderin.
safaris.  A House  with a pool and a
well-stocked bar seemed ideal. House   There  are  two  other Houses  being
members  occasionally  lead  safaris   organized in Kelfour's, the House of
open   to  all   adventurers.  Other   Grimoire and the  House of Eternity.
safaris are for members only.          House  of  Grimoire is dedicated  to
                                       the  study of  magic lore, bardsong,
House  Arcane   is  a  non-political   and the  history  of Kulthea.  It is
House with a closed membership. They   under construction, but  the date of
will, however,  open the  membership   completion is  unknown at this time.
up for  the right  candidate. To  be   Thantis  can give  you more informa-
considered for  membership, you must   tion. The House of Eternity plans to
be at  least level 20  and active in   be  a  sanctuary  for   clerics  and
Gemstone  on a  regular  basis.  You   healers.  Lord  Sauron is  unable at
must  also be an  adventurer, not  a   this  time  to say  more  about  the
crusader. Roleplaying is encouraged,   House.  When  and if the House  will
but good judgment must  be exercised   be built is unknown at this time.
so that House Arcane doesn't  become
embroiled in  personal or  political   The Houses  of Kulthea  have so  far
conflicts. A fondness for hobbits is   failed to  live up  to the  original
also encouraged :).  Initiation  fee   expectations of the local government
is 50,000 silvers. See Dartaghan for   and players.  Early  on,  we  got  a
more information.                      glimpse of  the potential  that  the
                                       House system  has  as  a  venue  for
Shortly after  the House  of  Argent   roleplaying  and  as  political  and
Aspis and  House Arcane  were built,   social  focal points.  After a brief
Silent,  the  first  tycoon  of  the   period of  excitement  and  activism
Landing,  with  a  couple  of silent   (mostly from  House  of  the  Rising
partners, built the first for-profit   Phoenix), organized House activities
social club.  Almost from the day it   slowly fizzled out. Most Houses look
opened,  the House  of  Paupers  has   vacant,  inactive  except   for  the
been  the  most  popular   House  in   locker doors.
Kelfour's,  with  far  more  members
than any other.                        That may be changing soon. Rumors of
                                       monthly House  Challenge Games  have
The House  is open  to  all  players   surfaced  lately.  Not much is known
level  five or  higher.  The  single   yet, but it sounds intriguing. There
membership plan has  lifetime fee of   has also been  talk that  the Chair-
20,000  silvers and no monthly dues.   persons and  Chairhobbits of all the
For  that sum, you get to  soak in a   Houses are meeting to work out a way
hot tub while you enjoy a drink from   to implement  the system of conflict
the free bar. Some members are known   resolution provided  by the Coopera-
to drink more in one night than rea-   tive  of  the   Houses  of  Kulthea.
sonable  monthly dues  would  buy at   Perhaps the new activism will  usher
Helga's Tavern.  Speak to  Lord Kirc   in an era  where Houses will be more
or Lady Phaedra about joining.         than glorified locker clubs.
Note: Lord Whilder later disclaims his role in founding Aspis (Volumen 3, No. 10)


From Kelfour Edition - Volume 3, No. 7

                           Not for Newbies Only
/ \ _____ \                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~ |               by Llorien Silvanestii
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  | have been asked to write   of stepping  on hobgoblins  for  the
/@| _|~|_ | a few words  about House   past month,  who wishes to test some
\_/ ~~~~~ / Argent  Aspis's  monthly   undead in  the graveyard  or perhaps
  ~~~~~~~~  orientation night.  Most   venture deeper  into  Kaldsfang  and
people are  under the  misconception   fight it out with orcs, is more than
that all  we do  is take raw rookies   welcome to  come to  the orientation
out and  teach  them  how  to  fight   nights as  well. We  can  set  up  a
torkaans. The orientation we provide   group accompanied  by an experienced
is much more than that.                fighter and  a healer,  and let them
                                       head  out   to  parts   unknown   to
It is true that we take newcomers in   experience the  thrill we  all  felt
hand and  teach them basic  survival   when we  first ventured  in gorcs or
and hunting techniques. We also talk   ran into  a cockatrice  and saw  our
about  hunting  courtesy, the proper   friend decide  to  become  a  living
procedure  for  dying  and   getting   statue.
brought back to the land of the liv-
ing, and  the use  of such items  as   These groups will be offered tips on
amulets. We give tips on rolling and   the best  weapons  to  use  for  the
training  of  characters.   We  also   occasion or  other tactics that have
stress  the  roleplaying  aspects of   proven useful.  How many new players
the  game and introduce them  to the   out there  know that  a forest troll
commands available for this as well.   will sit down and begin tending it's
                                       bleeding wounds if you hide,  making
Most importantly though, new players   it much easier to hit? Or that there
get to meet others of the same level   is a  ridge line above the mine road
and ability with  whom they may form   that has  some rich  little  goblins
hunting  parties in  the  future and   running around on it?
share the comraderie that I think is
the primary  reason any  of us  even   We at  Aspis  urge  the  experienced
journey to Kelfour's Landing.          players  out   there  to   let   the
                                       newcomers know  of our  program. The
We  try  to  include  a  variety  of   sooner  these  newcomers  learn  how
professions in  our working team, so   things work,  the more  pleasant the
that  a   new  player  can  talk  to   game is  for everyone. If you think,
someone who has already gone through   "Well, they  will learn eventually,"
the trials  and tribulations  of the   just remember the last time a newbie
earlier stages and get tips based on   scooped  a  900  coin  chest in  the
experience. The  house has  recently   temple  (25  at  a  time), while ten
recruited  many   new   members   to   people tried to talk.
further flesh  out our  team and can     ________________________________
now boast  of having 2 clerics and a    /                                \
number of  healers ready to patch up   |               FREE               |
the unfortunate  ones who, by system   |        Vacation in Kulthea!      |
hiccup or  their own  eagerness, end   |        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      |
up on  the wrong end of an encounter   | Enjoy the Weekend of your Dreams |
with one  of the  many  denizens  of   | in Kulthea  --  Absolutely FREE! |
Kelfour's forests.                     |                                  |
                                       | Kill,  maim  and destroy to your |
So why is this article entitled "Not   | heart's content, or lay back and |
For Newbies  Only"? Most people seem   | cool it. All you need do is have |
to believe  that newcomers  are  the   | three articles published here in |
only   ones   we   help   on   these   | Kelfour Edition. Contact Phaedra |
orientation nights. However, we will   | Bleu by GE Mail to  P.HERRINGTON |
also take  out players  that wish to   | for details. No obligation!      |
explore a  new area. A player, tired    \________________________________/

From Kelfour Edition - Volume 4, No. 3

 ____________             The House of Argent Aspis  
/ \ _________\            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
\@| ||=|=|=|| |        by Alagar Darkstalker, Chairman  
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |  
 _|    |_|    |  
/@|   _|_|_   |he  House  of  Argent   leave items in for other members, ie
\_/__________/ Aspis  is located  on   amulets, gold rings, drake falchions
East  Ring Road in a quiet, secluded   can be left for a few days. Although
section of town.  The  House can  be   more special  items have  a tendency
found  by travelling east on  Windak   to vanish sooner.
across the bridge, go  to the end of
the  road, turn  south and  continue   We currently have 35 active members,
south until you see  the entrance on   6 prospects awaiting acceptance  and
the left.                              one honorary member.  19 members are
                                       on the inactive list.
The Council records confirm that The
House of Argent  Aspis was the first   The House of Argent  Aspis is highly
chartered  House in  Kulthea and was   dedicated to the philosophy of doing
built by a group of some of the very   its best to helping newcomers in the
first residents  and adventurers  in   land.  Extending help and assistance
Kelfour's landing.                     through advice,  coins, items and of
                                       course guidance when the opportunity
 _________________________________     presents  itself.  Our history tells
/ \                               \    us  that the  House of Argent  Aspis
\@|    Current House Executives:   |   started the first  Newbie Nights and
  |                                |   had in fact a  monopoly on the event
  | Chairman:          Alagar      |   for some time!
  | Past Chairman:     Lord Llorien|
  | Secretary:         Lyrista     |   We have  also taken on activities to
  | Treasurer:         Jarran      |   make  membership  in the  House both
  |                                |   more enjoyable  and more unique,  we
  | Project and Event Coordinators:|   also  stress  good  role-playing and
  |                                |   character acting.
  | Hunt Master:       Kyreth      |
  | Renovations:       Heron       |   The House schedules 4 members to aid
  | BB Leader:         Lyrista     |   on our House sponsored Newbie Nights
 _| Glad Games Coor:   Jarran      |   held  approximately  every  6 weeks.
/@| Newbie Night Coor: Lyrista     |   Those members  working  are given  a
\_/_______________________________/    free flag  from 6pm  to 8am the next
                                       day. We solicit for workers and look
The House  has three floors with the   to share participation in this event
top two floors having  private rooms   with all interested members.
of some of these  now long  vanished
adventurers.  The main  floor has  a   We are working on a major renovation
lounge  where members gather for the   of our House and have been trying to
meetings and organize for  the House   raise funds to allow renovations and
Hunts.                                 set up an endowment fund to resource
                                       the features  we would  like to see.
We have a  kitchen and formal dining   Heron is  our chief  planner for the
room as well and a library.  Several   renovations  and  he is  taking  any
artifacts of the heroes  of long ago   suggestions from the  membership for
are displayed in the House including   all the renovations.
an ancient  banner and a painting of
the House founders.                    We have  agreed on  an  arboretum, a
                                       sunlight plant  filled room  with  a
The lower levels, accessible only by   pool  of some type and a mobile bar,
members, includes an informal lounge   great for relaxing after a very hard
and the house 40 item lockers. There   fight or  while  recuperating  after
is  also  a permachest  that one can   being rezzed.
                                   -=9=-                           More...
We  are  currently checking into the   a strong say in any town politics.
reorganization of the private rooms,
so as to  allocate them to currently   The House  has a Private Category on
active members  who will be able  to   the Bulletin  Board  that is lead by
decorate them with their own private   Lyrista, our able  secretary.  There
touches.  I  myself have an  ancient   are more than a dozen  topics in the
yew longbow left to me  by my father   category for communicating the House
that gleams with ancient power, I am   business,  for  coordinating events,
told it is very accurate, that would   passing information  and posting the
hold a place of honor in my room.      results of events. Once a new member
                                       has  gained  admission, Lyrista will
In the mean time, you may have heard   admit members to the category.
or witnessed one of our House Hunts,
where Aspis members get together for   Interested adventurers can ask for a
two hours  of  party hunting and all   tour  of the  House  with  a current
treasure is  donated  to  the  house   member, who can take you in and show
renovation fund.  Kyreth is our Hunt   you about  or you can either see one
Master and coordinates the  time and   of the executives  while they are in
place for  the Hunt, establishes all   town or by sending an Email to me.
the  parties,  quarry  and  treasure
gathers.                               Alagar Darkstalker, E-Mail A.LUBIMIV
Our first Hunt netted us 75000 coins   Leave me your Email address in which
and is to date, our  record to beat!   to  contact you  with  and set up  a
This activity is usually attended by   time for a meeting.
10 to 12  members with  two  parties
hunting.  We have  a  great time  on   Any  member can  propose a person as
these  hunts.  We have also  allowed   an applicant for acceptance into the
prospects  and friends to attend the   House. This is normally done through
Hunts, we find that it is a good way   the BB. A unanimous vote is required
to  meet interested  adventurers  in   for any new  prospective members  to
joining our  fine House  and letting   be accepted.  All  members will have
them meet the other members.           an opportunity to vote over the next
                                       week.  Should all votes be positive,
We just  completed the  houses first   then the  applicant  is accepted  to
Gladiatorial Games on the weekend of   the House.
June 26 and 27 that was organized by
Jarran.  Many members, most  notably   The  initiation fee  is 10000 coins,
Llorien, Cray,  Odds,  Gilthor,  and   to be  remitted at the  time of  the
Jarran  donated  many of  the  items   initiation.  The initiation requires
needed to award as prizes. The games   two  members of the  executive to be
were run rather well  for it being a   present  and the applicant.  Getting
first  time  for our house and I  am   our schedules together sometimes  is
sure that  we will  only get  better   difficult and patience is  needed at
with each consecutive game.            times.
The House members are fiercely loyal   We do  not have a  monthly or yearly
towards each other, as  readers will   fee beyond the  initiation fee,  but
surely recognize  this aspect of the   we do  ask that members  to actively
house after  having seen the actions   participate  in House  Events, where
of members of the House of Aspis  in   they are able.
defending  Lyrista during her plight
against  the  Dreamer.  All  can see   The criteria  for acceptance is that
what  price we may  pay for this, as   the  adventurer have  the spirit  of
it is rather evident on our gate.      helpfulness,  enjoy the  camaraderie
                                       of others, be of good character, and
The  House can  act as a mediator in   want  to more fully  join  into  the
disputes  according to the  Charters   adventure and excitement of Kulthea.
granted by the Council and will have