Official Audience with the Argent Mirror
Ta'Illistim House Annex
Seomanthe Bartley - Argent Steward  (7 Olaesta, 5112)
Aeriadrn recites:
"The Argent Mirror calls forward Seomanthe Bartley, Argent Steward of House of the Argent Aspis"

You take a deep breath.

You stride a few steps forward.

You curtsy to Myasara.

Myasara says, "We understand you have a petition for us to hear."

You smile.

You think to yourself, "Alright, focus and don't slip into the accent!"

You say, "I would firstly like to convey my gratitude for the Argent Mirror's time and consideration this evening, as well as the honored members of Your Reflection's court."

You say, "The House of the Argent Aspis is one of the oldest Houses east of the DragonSpine mountains, and we are pleased to open our gates to all who would wish to join us."

You say, "Our aim as a House is to foster the brave as they begin their personal quests through the known lands, and also to remind them that the world is not all swords and fire and blood. Indeed, for sixteen years, we have hosted an annual festival to give the the voices that sing within us a stage to share their light with the rest of us."

Seomanthe smiles nervously.

You say, "As the Argent Mirror is surely aware, my House recently applied for a building permit with Ta'Illistim officials, for the purpose of building a small annex, to offer familiar respite to our Housemates when they are far flung from our central gates, and to welcome the interest of any who may reside here."

Myasara nods.

You say, "We had hoped to increase the breadth of our aim with a small home-away-from-home within Ta'Illistim. However, we soon recieved word from Ta'Illistim officials that the only land we could be granted is outside the walls of the Shining City."

You bite your lip.

You say, "I hope that the Argent Mirror will understand our disappointment - to settle our beloved Housemates in the wilds, with only a single retired soldier as gatekeeper, we fear for not only their safety, but also that of the those we hope to assist."

You say, "It goes without saying that should we be granted the permit we seek, our annex would reflect the spirit of the Shining City in form and function, and our Housemates who choose to spend time here could be relied upon to serve the needs of Ta'Illistim."

You say, "I don't wish to speak overlong. In closing, I hope my words might sway the Argent Mirror's heart, and that someday we might even look forward to hosting Illistim's Mirror at a Bardfest within the Shining City, should it please Your Reflection to attend."

You curtsy to Myasara.

You take a few steps back.

You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.

Myasara says, "We are pleased at your willingness to come and speak to us."

You smile.

Myasara asks, "Your House Aspis, this is one of the Greater Houses of Elanthia, yes?"

You say, "Yes, Your Reflection."

You nod.

Myasara asks, "And you allow all races to join as members?"

You nod slowly.

You say, "Yes, Your Reflection."

Myasara nods.

Myasara asks, "And your House is private, not an official part of a governing body?"

You say, "That is correct, though I would add that Your Reflection's announcement tonight gave me some hope."

Seomanthe smiles crookedly.

Myasara says, "While we are pleased that our announcement of the embassies is welcome to all, well many, it has taken many decades to move to this point."

Myasara says, "Many centuries."

You nod slowly.

Myasara says, "It is our policy in the Shining City to not allow the building of any private group, organization or house within the walls of the city proper or her outposts."

You bite your lip.

Myasara says, "And while we commend you for your actions encompassing a wide variety of races and offering them a home, we must keep within the current policies of our government."

Myasara says, "We hope that our fostering of official governements will one day help open the eyes all, we feel this is not that day."

You say, "This evening we've heard Your Reflection's announcement that some policies are malleable with time. I thank you again for your consideration, and I'll hope that time will bring more changes."

Myasara says, "And."

Myasara says, "As a private organization we grant you the right to build outside the city and her outposts."

You curiously ask, "Would such place be offered the protection of the Shining City's guard?"

Aeriadrn recites:
"We will follow protocol."

Myasara says, "We grant you the right to build a outpost in the area of the Shining City, and we charge our Seneschal to help you find a suitable spot outside the city and her outposts."

Myasara says, "If you desire his assistance."

Myasara says, "Our guards protest all the lands of the Shining City and Cysaegir."
Myasara coughs.
Myasara says, "Protect."

You nod slowly.

Myasara says, "As do her citizens and subjects and those who call her home."

Myasara says, "We have accepte the help of House Dreadnaught and other organizations who love our lands."

Sabreon bows to Myasara.

Myasara says, "And we thank them for their coninued support in her defence."

Speaking to Myasara, Sabreon says, "And the Dreadnaught Alliance as always stands ready to support the Elven Nations however we can."

Myasara says, "We know you may be displeased with our ruling,, but we hope you will find a place nearby, with the roads to and from under our protection to build your annex."

Seomanthe smiles wryly.

Myasara says, "And perhaps we will meet again under better circumstances and thoughts."

You curtsy to Myasara.

Myasara says, "We once again thank you for your well thought words."