by Durakar al'Yari Faendryl

(Durakar walks toward the front of the stage waving out at the audience gathered. Behind him a pair of stage hands roll a vaguely pyramidal stone structure to the center of the stage before settling it in place.)

Durakar recites:

"Thank you all for coming out.
Tonight I shall not bore you with any words other than these.
Please enjoy what I am calling "The Rumblings Within"."

(Durakar carefully climbs to the top of the stone structure while the lights dim, leaving only a dull red glow illuminating him atop the makeshift mountain.)

Durakar kneels down.

(Durakar rocks from side to side on his perch. A sonorous drum beat echoes through the room in rhythm with his movements.)

(Durakar begins to slowly move his arms in graceful arcs as a low-hanging, hazy fog rolls out from underneath his feet, covering the mountain and stage within moments.)

Durakar stands up.

(Durakar stretches upwards to a cascading array of orange, yellow, and red lights that play across the curtain behind him.)

(Durakar lowers his arms, palms facing out, in a sweeping half circle to either side. Just as they reach his sides, both bend upward to his chest, hands curling into fists.)

(Durakar thrusts his clenched fists back down to his sides, stopping them just as the drums cease. The cascading lights behind him lower to cover the foggy stage in a roiling mixture of reds and oranges.)

(Durakar stands perfectly still with the fog swirling below him, small rocks jutting out here and there only to be covered up again a moment later.)

(Durakar flails about seemingly at random when the drum beat starts back, this time beating louder and faster than before.)

(Durakar spins around with his cloak billowing out, pushing the fog away from the peak.)

(Durakar bends over and clutches at a small rock jutting up as the structure he is standing on begins to shake.)

Durakar falls over.

(Durakar tumbles down the side of the mountain and into the fog below as the drums rumble on and the mountain continues to shake.)

Durakar stands up.

(Durakar slips gracefully through the fog and off stage, leaving the mountain tremoring to the intensity of the drums.)

(Durakar stumbles back on stage, gazing around in bewilderment first out among the audience and then over at the mountainous structure still rumbling. Suddenly the rumbling and the drums cease.)

(Durakar seems to glide across the stage swirling the mist around his legs as he moves cautiously closer to the mountain in the middle.)

(Durakar trips backward when the rumbling begins again, the drums beating a fast and steady rhythm. Scrabbling backwards toward the lip of the stage that has fog rolling off it, he stops just before falling off.)

(Durakar's face is full of fright as he looks back and down off the stage. Gulping once he and stands back up, turning to face the mountain.)

Durakar takes a deep breath.

(Durakar steps gingerly back towards the middle of the stage, peering around at both sides of the mountain before disappearing off behind it.)

(Durakar's footfalls are cut short as the drums start with renewed intensity. From the still mist covered mountain something moves under the fog, poking out a short way before pulling back into the mountain just as the rumbling dwindles away.)

(Durakar walks out from behind the structure on the opposite side he disappeared from, still looking it over with curiousity blanketing his face.)

(Durakar stretches a hand tentatively towards the misty mountain only to jerk it back as the rumbling begins and the drums build to a deafening thunder. Once again something moves beneath the fog, this time a hint of silver catches and reflects the red light before disappearing.)

(Durakar steps back and faces the mountain from the side of the stage, drawing in deep breathes. The heavy blasting beat of the drums coming in time with a flashing of red, yellow, and orange lights.)

Durakar takes a deep breath.

Durakar takes a deep breath.

(Durakar leans over blowing out all of the accumulated air in his lungs right as a blast of wind whips in from just behind him off stage, clearing the fog completely.)

(Durakar watches the trembling mountain as a metal object, resembling the Juggernaut of old, erupts from the top scattering a few pebbles down towards the stage. With a look of glee on his face Durakar leaps over to the mountain, landing spryly on the base.)

(Durakar climbs back to the top of the mountain and stands just behind the silvery miniature Juggernaut. The lights come back up with a bright white spotlight on him.)

Durakar takes a gallant bow, tipping his hat slightly, before sweeping it behind his back. After a moment's pause he rises and places his hat firmly on his head, adjusting it to fit.