by Dendum of the Wendwillows
From behind some closed curtains, a voice asks, "Who knows of the stories told in wooded glade? Between kin and blood to make history in words, and guide the people? Who knows of the traditional songs of my people? Who can judge this?"

In a perfect imitation of Chalica, from behind Chalica, a voice says, "I know nothing of the gnomish kind."

In a perfect imitation of Fender, from behind Fender, Dendum's voice says, "I am just the keeper of the time."

In a perfect imitation of Rozy, from behind Rozy, a voice says, "Am s knows not a thing!"

In a perfect imitation of Richaard, from behind Richaard, a voice says, "I had a book on that that I forgot to bring ."

In a perfect imitation of Dreaer, from behind Dreaer, a voice says, ""This yellow shirt was an amazing find!"."

The voice of Dendum says, "Hrmph."

Dendum comes out of hiding.

Dendum announces, "Then before story even begins, we must shed on darkness the wisdom found in the light."

Dendum lights his blue tanik torch, causing the end to burst into a shower of flame.

Dendum informs, "We do not often pass down in books that which we preserve, such things last not long in Imaera's damp woods, instead we use the song and poem. We sing of the past, so that we can be better guided in the now."

Dendum informs, "This is one such story, but all such stories are connected you do not need to know that she who is in this story would have children who go on to join Angstholm in hidden islands, or that her ancestors walked with Zelia in ancient times. You just must know that while most of us hold Imaera on high her ways are harsh and some seek aid from friendly sources, our ancestors, the spirits of animals, the wind, or other Great Spirits for the Wendwillow it is often Zelia herself."

Dendum recites:

"So now spirits, take these who know more than they did
but less than they should
Back to the time Methrana stands on edge of woods.
Gorged by the tusk of the great Boar.
Great mountain before her."

(Dendum holds his torch above his head, flickering shadows surround him on the stage.)

Dendum removes a handful of greenish-grey powder from in his bear fur greatcloak.

Dendum flings a pinch of his greenish-grey powder into the air in a protective arc, allowing it to settle slowly earthward and provide a barrier to vengeful ghosts.

Dendum slowly empties his lungs.

Dendum recites:

"The deadly dense woods behind, rising trail in front
Methrana steps lightly, gorged deeply her strength seeping
Her eyes alight with inner flame, burning away pain
Dark day gives way to darker night, absent is the light.
Laboriously moving aching leg, she moves ahead slowly creeping.
One moon rises in the sky, a pale glow over the failed hunt."

Dendum put a pinch of greenish-grey powder in his bear fur greatcloak.

Dendum removes a branch of wood from in his bear fur greatcloak.

(Dendum holds a small branch between the flaming torch and the dark curtains behind him, instanly the shadows leap and twist in the background. Magnified the lines and curves of the branch become a twisting mass of shadowy forest foliage.)

Dendum recites:

"Turning back to dark woods Methrana does exclaim-
In this woods, I have met a worthy foe!
My arrows bit deep but bring not down the battered boar,
a true, terrifying forest walker, Tenacious, Trampling my bones.
Even now I grow numb, and the way back home is long.
Rest here longer, in dark night, this is not a welcome thought
Ahead towards our camp, not one more moment wasted, I go."

Dendum recites:

"She steps in a daze, one dragging foot after the other.
Crunching of leaves giving ground to grinding stone.
Breath silent in misty air, even in pain each step placed with care,
But rising Liabo's light, gives illumination to her plight.
Descending from above a pack of wolves! She is not alone!
In a fearful daze,, Methrana in shadows takes cover."

Dendum carefully places a branch of wood on the floor.

Dendum removes a wolf-shaped green sapphire from in his bear fur greatcloak.

Dendum smiles holding his wolf shaped gem just so, the green stone casting shifting shadows and catching the light. On the back curtain the image of a wolf appears, and moves, flickering torch light creating the illusion of multiple beast.

Dendum recites:

"Through gritted teeth Methrana does whisper to herself-
In better times, such a mighty pack would be hard contention,
slowed and rent, riven and withered, I am stopped in ascension.
Damnable dogs now descend upon the trail?
easy to hide, were it not for bloodied side
and the wolves nose is sharp .
time is up, they approach and my only friend is the dark.
hurry now, and quiet as well as quick."

Dendum recites:

"Firm is her resolve, as she inches towards snarling pack,
Know that keen is the wolves senses, a killer built well,
But Methrana does to shadows hold, each step well controlled
And sound around her was still, fear amplifying well honed skill.
Not glimpse did wolf see, or nose pick up on smell.
Lornon peeks around the clouds, just as the snarling is at her back"

Dendum recites:

"Exhaled breath disappears into the air as Methrana thinks aloud-
Another barrier crossed, on rough path to kith and kin,
not that I could expect to be so lucky as that again,
deadly wolves are gone, but such exertion does pain erase
Longingly I look forward to my Clans resting place.
in wooded ravine they wait
finding such will be welcome.... But wait what new thing is this,
ears, if not playing tricks, do hear a sound!"

Dendum makes a nearly imperceptible motion while whispering a soft phrase...

Dendum gestures.
A strong breeze suddenly picks up and begins to blow around in different directions through the area!

Dendum recites:

"Descending darkness behind her, Rocky trail ahead
Hoary Haired enormity stretches, Head turned down path
Frost Colored fur shining, a sight that has hopes declining
Giving a glowering stare, it has to have seen her there
Rage fills the heart of Methrana then, she gazes back in wrath
She gives stone shaking shout, and her fear she does shed"

Dendum recites:

"The battle cry does echo from Methrana's lips-
Ancient Beast! Mountain Bain!
Call you fiend, call me Yeti's Bain!
Crowned rocks are where my kind do wait,
either step aside or strike me down...
Perhaps I am gored, tired, and scarred by rocky way
the thrice cursed yeti will not turn me around!"

Dendum recites:

"All pain does flee from her, she closes eyes and does ascend
Misty the wind begins to howl, Methrana charges head low
Her feet fly on firm foundation, anger giving way to resignation.
Unarmed rushing blindly without care, but mist parts
...and yeti is not there
She blinks bewildered, confused, there sits wooded ravine below
The mountain's woods well hiding a sleeping gathering, of kith and kin."

(Dendum brings his torch down low, the light now shining across his face, and casting one large shadow on the curtains behind him.)

Dendum recites:

"The wind blows through Methrana, she notices not its embrace
All moons shine in the clear heavens, Methrana leaves no shadow in the night
She feels not the path below, or wound given by deadly foe
Methrana is not surprised, at what appears before her eyes
Blessed boar, bathed by the descending light
Not fearful or frightening but standing with unearthly grace."

Dendum recites:

"A voice, familiar, a voice filled with promise-
Ahh, now we are ready at the end
so that we can be together, hunter and hunted again
closed was your path, but now it stands ready
eyes now open, come they wait we can begin
never did I doubt you could make this climb
Despairing not that you, the truth would find."

Dendum snuffs the blue tanik torch, placing it in the bear fur greatcloak.

Dendum makes a simple gesture, and the strong breeze stops as suddenly as it arrived.

Dendum announces, ""This is the end of the story of Methrana, and the life of Methrana. Though had you heard other songs in the great tales you would know already of her earlier deeds, and that the children of her children would spread like pollen in the wind, being found in many lands among the Wendwillows, the Felcour, and mysterious Angstholm."

Dendum states, ""Mystery and Mountains, on the mountain there is mystery....though perhaps untrained eyes do not easily see this thing. For the young think this is a simple tale of a gnome who, while bleeding, manages to sneak past a pack of wolves and who died fighting a yeti, the older and wiser realize this is more than that, and Aelotoi ears my find that Methrana's words do hint at this, for this is not a simple tale of one climb up a trail but the story of acceptance and finding Imaera's grace under Zelia's light. Not even the keen senses of a wolf can smell the spirit walking spirit paths."

Speaking to Chalica, Dendum informs, ""Perhaps the ears of Aelotoi will hear that Methrana knew the truth all along, her words do speak such"."

Dendum winks at Chalica.

Dendum informs, ""Who can know the truth of tales of the dead? It is said her kin did venture back down mountain path, recovering her famous bow, burning her body...and the body of the boar thay lay beside her pierced many times with sharp arrows."

Dendum gestures while summoning the spirits of nature to his aid...

Dendum gestures.
A sudden burst of bright light emanates from Dendum's hand!

(Dendum stands in the middle of the blinding light, he looks around and nods.)

Dendum says, ""Hrmph, this is what it is and now it has been spoken, may Great Spirits forgive all mistakes made in turning tale to common tounge, and may this light forever burn inside the listener."

Dendum bows.