Application for House Membership
Basic Requirements

Fifth Level in trainings: The House clerk wants to know you have established a lasting tie to the community.

One-time fee of 25,000 silvers at the time of induction. (There are no monthly dues.)

Letter of Application: We want to know with whom we are going to be living. This letter should include a brief description of yourself and your history within the lands, why you want to join Aspis, and why you think you would make a good member. Please include three (3) or four (4) references - these being people who know you who may be contacted as to your character and citizenship in the lands. Any without references will not be considered.

Remember this letter is what will initially get you noticed and a good reputation goes a long way.

Please note, that unless you are prepared to expend some effort and interest in joining and participating in House functions, you should look for another House.


Admissions Council

Aspis has a voting council made up of the six officers and three appointees, but all members contribute opinions and histories of encounters with prospective members.

All applications received will be forwarded to the voting council when received and a voting list submitted once a month. All applicants names will remain on the list for three (3) months. This gives them the chance to seek out members or for members to seek them out. If they are not accepted or declined within those first three months, they will be dropped and encouraged to re-apply if they choose to continue to seek membership.

-=-  New applicant's names will be posted each month making them available for all members to comment on, either on the boards, or send private mail to one of the voting council  -=-

         Send a missive to: