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House Elections are Complete!

posted Mar 12, 2013, 9:42 PM by Seomanthe Bartley-Olberath
House Elections are COMPLETE!  Here is our New Roster of Officers and Jurists!

   Argent Master : Aurien
   Argent Scribe : Seomanthe
   Argent Bursar : Fender
  Argent Provost : Maeve
   Argent Herald : Chalica
  Argent Steward : Karmus
   Jurist of Eye : Thia
  Jurist of Claw : Ulaahn
  Jurist of Tail : Luicindas

Your new and continuing officers are very excited to bring another great year to the sibs and want to hear your opinions on events and gatherings!  Stay tuned and let us know!