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Argent Aspis' Embassy in Ta'Illistim Opened!

posted Feb 9, 2013, 3:09 PM by Sephertoph Of Aspis
Greetings members and friends of Argent Aspis!

The officers are pleased to announce that our first Embassy, located in the Seethe Naedal region outside Ta'Illistim's Postern Gate, is now open!  Please make your way to the lovely hot springs in that region and look for our gates.  Members will find that our new home-away-from-home is equipped with all the necessities, including an earthnode, a kitchen, a suite, and a lovely courtyard of fruit trees. Please check your pigeon coop messages, or contact any other officer for more information about our new location, including how to find your locker!

Seomanthe Bartley-Olberath, Argent Scribe